A closed TV circuit is created through the LED screen and a media player. A media player is basically a mini PC that has a tailored configuration to match the use of the content. The content is the specific presentation shown on the LED panels.

The mini PC includes, among other systems, a Windows10 version, Teamviewer, and digital signage software. The media player is mounted behind the LED screen and must be connected to the Internet in order to load the content.

Choosing the LED screen

After we have discussed the customers wishes, we provide tailor-made advice on which LED panel from our extensive selection will meet the requirements in the best way possible.


We then discuss the quantity and nature of the content that will be applied and what its possibilities are. Our many years of experience in this field are applied in order to get the best results for the message and how it is displayed.


Based on the collected information, we will then make a non-committal offer for the entire project including the installation on location, the content development, and the commissioning of the system.

After sale

After completion of the project, our customers can continue to use Ledstar Display & Content services, such as content development or system maintenance. Any adjustments or extensions can be easily arranged at their convenience.