CW Series – Light As Cicada’s Swing

CW Series – Light As Cicada’s Swing

1. Light as cicada’s wing, 6kg per cabinet (includes angle lock)

2. Extreme display effect

3. Module front and rear maintenance. Power box support quick installation

4. Single operator fast installation. Innovative handles save effort

5. Shaped splicing, can be spliced into curved surface / straight screen / circle screen

6. Integrated HUB card, data signal interference free, more stable



ModelCW 2.6CW 2.9CW 3.9
Pixel Pitch2.62.93.9
Pixel Density(dot/m2)14745611289665536
LED TypeSMD1515SMD2121SMD2121
Module Size(mm*mm)250*250250*250250*250
Cabinet Size(mm*mm*mm)500*500*69.6500*500*69.6500*500*69.6
Cabinet Weight(±0.25kg)6.4kg6.4kg6.4kg
Cabinet Resolution(px*px)192*192168*168128*128
Module Resolution(px*px)96*9684*8464*64
Horizontal Viewing Angle(Deg)160160160
Vertical Viewing Angle(Deg)120120120
Gray Scale(bit)14-1614-1614-16
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920-38401920-38401920-3840
Max Power Consumption(W/sqm)608608608
Average Power Consumption(W/sqm)240240240
Input Voltage(V)100-240V100-240V100-240V
Ingress ProtectionIP20IP20IP20
Working EnvironmentIndoorIndoorIndoor