BIM Pro – Indoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen

BIM Pro – Indoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen

BIM Pro is a small pixel pitch led screen, which is specially designed for indoor fixed led display. Compared with other similar product, the BIM Pro is more light and slim. With the golden display ratio of 16:9, BIM Pro can provide you a better visual enjoyment. What’s more, this product can also realize seamless splicing.



ModelBIM Pro 1.6BIM Pro 1.9 (HCC)BIM Pro 1.9BIM Pro 2.6BIM Pro 4
Pixel Pitch(mm)
Pixel Density(dot/m2)39062525743325566914062562500
LED TypeSMD1010Mini LEDSMD1515SMD2121SMD2121
Module Size(mm*mm)256*288256*288256*288256*288256*288
Cabinet Size(mm*mm*mm)

1024*288*40 / 768*288*40 / 512*288*40

Cabinet Weight(±0.25kg)

7 / 6 / 5

Cabinet Resolution(px*px)640*180/480*180/320*180520*146/390*146/260*146520*145/390*145/260*145384*108/288*108/192*108256*72/192*72/128*72
Horizontal Viewing Angle(Deg)140140140140140
Vertical Viewing Angle(Deg)150150150150150
Gray Scale(bit)1616161616
Refresh Rate(Hz)38403840384038403840
Max Power Consumption(W/sqm)640671515515515
Average Power Consumption(W/sqm)256268203203203
Input Voltage(V)110-220110-220110-220110-220AC 100-240
Ingress ProtectionIP20IP20IP20IP20IP20
Working EnvironmentIndoor