About us

Ledstar Display & Content B.V. is your partner for high-quality LED displays in Europe.

We work with one of the most famous manufacturers in the LED display industry. They are involved not only in the production and the design, but also control and check the overall process of research and technological innovation.

Our dedicated team of designers are able to continue to deliver the stylistic and technical innovation that has been a trademark of our company ever since we started.

Ledstar offers a full range of displays for all possible applications, whether it be indoors or outdoors

In order to achieve the desired result on our screens, we examine and prioritize how the content is presented. This expertise is provided by a team of specialists with years of international experience in the narrowcasting industry.

Each project is delivered by our team of experienced technicians with the utmost accuracy and care. We always go the extra mile.

No-nonsense, professional, results-driven, and keeping our customers happy is what we stand for!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, by clicking on our Contact form.

We look forward to making your content shine!

Team Ledstar Display & Content B.V.